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ET Trade Tech is your new
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We allow registered companies to buy and sell goods without decreasing their liquidity, improving the relationship with suppliers and customers DISCOVER HOW MUCH CREDIT YOU CAN GET
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ET TRADE-TECH (ETT) is the innovative international trade platform that allows registered Companies to buy on credit at any national or foreign Supplier and to quickly collect cash from sales to Customers, without fixed costs and without involving the banking credit system.

Get Trade Credit for your purchases and instant Cash from your sales


* Without any fixed cost in absolute confidentiality


ET Trade Tech is your new trading partner,
reliable and attentive to your needs

We allow companies registered on the platform to buy and sell goods without decreasing their liquidity, improving the relationship with Suppliers and Customers


How ET Trade Tech (ETT) works

Register and get the trade Credit you need from ETT to purchase the goods by paying with a deferred term, without the need for a bank loan

Once registered, we will evaluate your creditworthiness and assign you an internal rating on the platform.

You will then be accorded 2 commercial credit lines, one to be used for buying through the platform, and the other for selling through ETT: we will pay you upon delivery.

Find out how much Trade Credit you can receive through ETT:


Report your Customers to us and immediately get liquidity from your deferred payment sales, as an alternative to non-recourse factoring

Report your Customers to us, we will evaluate their solvency and we will grant you a volume of commercial liquidity for the monetization of sales to Customers who purchase your products through ETT.

You cash sales from ETT right away and your customers have up to 120 days to pay for the platform.

Find out how much Trade Credit you can receive through ETT:


No fixed management costs. You pay only when you use the platform Trade Credit lines

ETT doesn’t force you to buy or sell.

You only pay a small percentage (%) on your purchases and sales calculated on the basis of the days of deferred payment you requested from ETT. The higher is the deferral, the higher the commission (surcharge cost).

Find out how much Trade Credit you can receive through ETT:


Can we answer some questions?

How much does ETT cost?2021-05-24T11:45:33+02:00


ETT has no fixed costs, you start paying only when you use the Trade Credit that has been granted to you. You will pay a small percentage (%) according to the days of deferred payment that you have obtained for you and for your customers.

After 120 days, who should my customer pay for the supply?2021-05-24T11:45:47+02:00


Considering that ETT will have already paid the money for your supply because your invoice to ETT is settled immediately after delivery of the goods, your customer will have to pay the company (trader) hired by ETT for the resale and collection.

This will take place according to the payment terms that your customer prefers or that he has always used previously with you, only the recipient of the money changes.

How much Trade Credit can I get for my ETT purchases?2021-05-24T11:46:05+02:00


The amount of the Trade Credit depends on your creditworthiness, which is examined by ETT at the time of your registration on the platform. If public information about your company is good, ETT plans to provide you with growing figures as you work with us.

If your company does not have a sufficient rating to obtain a Trading Credit for purchases from ETT, but you are willing to personally guarantee for your company, our Institutional financial partners can offer you a tailor-made solution.

If I purchase through ETT what is the minimum contract amount? And the max?2021-05-24T11:46:38+02:00


The minimum value of the purchase order to take advantage of the Trade Credit is € 25,000. The maximum depends on how much you have been granted.

What happens if the customer no longer pays the ETT organization?2021-05-24T11:54:27+02:00


If the customer does not pay ETT at the end of the pre-established deferral period, the client will be subject to ETT legal action to recover the credit. You, on the other hand, will only be charged a small penalty by way of partial risk sharing on the amount of the sale.

Can I sell to my existing and new customers by monetizing the commercial liquidity granted by ETT as an alternative to non-recourse factoring?2021-05-24T11:47:03+02:00


Absolutely yes!

What happens if I don’t use the platform for a long time?2021-05-24T11:54:01+02:00


ETT has granted you 12 months of operation giving you the possibility to defer the payment of purchases and immediately collect sales, all without fixed costs. That said, we are keen to have active businesses that add value to the Platform. Therefore, in case you remain totally inactive for more than 4 months, ETT takes the right to cancel your membership.

How does ETT make money if it doesn’t ask for fixed costs?2021-05-24T11:47:24+02:00


The platform applies a small commission (surcharge) to you every time you complete a commercial purchase or sale transaction using the Trade Credit that has been made available to you.

Can I purchase any product from any supplier via ETT and pay within a maximum period of 120 days?2021-05-24T11:47:43+02:00


Right! If you have obtained a Trade Credit from ETT, as an alternative to a bank loan, you can freely choose the supplier.

ETT buys the product for you and immediately resells it to you, pays it to the chosen supplier at delivery and you pay ETT within the agreed term. All this with products and goods from all over the world.

What do I need to tell the clients in order to start using the Trade Credit that ETT has granted me to monetize my sales?2021-05-24T11:53:39+02:00


All you have to do is tell them that ETT has become your trading partner and that, from now on, you will use the platform to buy and sell at advantageous conditions.

Nothing will change for him, on the contrary, he will have up to 120 days to pay ETT and increasing available amounts as the three-way business relationship will consolidate.

If the customer pays the ETT organization late after the maximum allowed term?2021-05-24T11:53:23+02:00


If the client justifies the delay with well-founded reasons, ETT will only charge you a minimal penalty based on the days of his delay.

If, on the other hand, the customer does not provide a valid explanation for his late payment, he will be removed from the accepted debtors list and will be canceled from the amount of trading liquidity that was granted to you to be used with him.
Does ETT also help me find new customers in my country and around the world?2021-05-24T11:53:02+02:00



ETT has an agreement with the EUREKA MARKET Marketplace where companies can offer their products and sell them all over the world through their own organization of sales agents and brokers.

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A bit of history on the origins of platform ET Trade Tech®

In 1997 Indiconsult Management was born, a Swiss company specializing in Asset Management and in the creation of investment instruments operating globally in partnership with international funds and banks.

In recent years, the organization has decided to evolve its business reality by becoming a Commercial Global Player with strong international relations with important Financial Institutions: ET Trade Tech ® is born, the new platform that allows companies from any sector to access commercial exchanges supported by facilitation of their payment.

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