The First International B2B Trade Tech

Get credit for your purchases and payments in cash from your sales without involving the banking system

ET TRADE-TECH (ETT) is the innovative international trade platform that allows Companies to buy on credit at any national or foreign Supplier and to quickly collect cash from sales to Customers, without fixed registration costs and without involving the bank.
Totally discreet and with no costs

We give businesses in our network the opportunity to buy and sell goods 
without decreasing their liquidity
 and to improve their relationship with customers.

ET Trade Tech is your new dynamic, reliable and dedicated business partner

Eureka non è attività bancaria

ETT does not carry out financial or banking activities

ETT is not subject to the limitations and constraints of credit and banking institutions, because the organisation only acts as a trading intermediary that supports you throughout the process of selling and buying goods.
ETT is a platform that promotes B2B trading all around the world. We buy for you what you need and from you what your clients need.

Tutte le imprese sono verificate da Eureka

Buy and sell your products or commodities securely

All the companies registered in the ETT network are continuously assessed and monitored. You can therefore exchange goods and products with reliable partners at low risk: ETT's organization takes on the risk of insolvency of its customers' payments, you only share this risk to a limited extent.

Il credito di Eureka non viene segnalato in centrale rischi

No registration in the banking system

Because ETT's financial capacity is guaranteed only by partner investment funds, you are not subject to any registration with the banking system. Your rating and solvency towards institutions improves with every successful operation you make on the platform. You will therefore be more liquid regardless of whether you buy or sell, as you incur no financial debt.

How ET Trade Tech works

Register and get the commercial credits you need from ETT for your operations

After registering, we will evaluate your creditworthiness and assign you an internal rating in the network.

You will then be accorded 2 commercial credit lines, one to be used for buying through the platform, and the other for selling through ETT: we will pay you upon delivery.

Talk to us, we are happy to explain you how it works

Eureka ti da credito commerciale
Eureka è un network di imprese affidabile

Register your customers and immediately monetize your sales

Tell us about your customers, we will assess their creditworthiness and accord you an amount of trade credit to be collected immediately when customers buy your products through ETT.

ETT will pay you immediately, with your customers having up to 120 days to pay us back.

Talk to us, you can discover your client’s creditworthiness

No fixed management costs. You pay only when you use the trade lines

ETT doesn’t force you to buy or sell.

You only pay a small % on purchases and sales calculated on the basis of the days of deferment of payment you requested from ETT. The higher the deferral, the higher the commission (surcharge).

Talk to us, we can simulate the % fo your business operations

Eureka è gratis
Tieni sotto controllo il tuo credito commerciale

Keep an eye on everything at all times

Access your personal area to monitor your company’s trading activities.

Check the amount of your available commercial credit lines and use the data to drive your commercial strategy.

Talk to us, you can have a tour inside the platform

ET Trade Tech offers you also an


Add your products and find new customers

around the WORLD

ET Trade Tech platform is partner of the international marketplace Eureka Market.
Join the Eureka Market business network, find new business partners around the world and trade goods at advantageous conditions without worrying about how your customer will want to pay.

We will call you
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How much does it cost to register with ETT?

Subscription to ETT has no fixed costs. You start paying only when you start using the credit that was accorded to you.
You will pay a small % depending on the days of deferral that you have obtained for you and your customers.

Can I sell to my existing customers using ETT's commercial credit?

Absolutely yes! 
Tell us about the customers you usually sell to, and after analyzing their creditworthiness, we will accord you credit lines that you can use to cash-in their invoices immediately. ETT will pay you.

Who do my customers have to pay to after 120 days?

Given that ETT has already advanced the money on your invoice, which you have cashed, your customer will therefore pay the Trading Company appointed by ETT to finance the amount of the order. This will be done through the customer’s preferred payment term, which has always been used, only changing the recipient.

How does ETT earn if it does not apply for fixed charges?

The platform charges a small fee (surcharge) every time you complete a business transaction using the trade credit provided by ETT.

How much Trade Credit can I get for buying through ETT?

The value of the trade credit depends on your creditworthiness as evaluated by ETT when you register with the platform. If the public information about your company is good, ETT plans to provide you with growing figures as you work with us.

Can I buy any product from any supplier through ETT and pay within 120 days?

Yes! Choose your supplier freely, ETT will purchase and deliver the product to you, paying for it immediately to the supplier of your choosing. You will then repay ETT within the agreed time period. All this is possible with products and commodities from all over the world.

How much is the minimum and maximum trade credit for purchases made through ETT?

The minimum value of an order to benefit from a trade credit is € 25’000. The maximum amount will depend on the Trade Credit you have been accorded.

What do I have to tell my customers in order to start using the Trade Credit Lines accorded to me by ETT?

All you have to do is let them know that ETT has become your business partner and that, from now on, you will be using the platform to buy and sell under attractive conditions. Nothing changes for them, on the contrary, they will get up to 120 days to pay back ETT.

What happens if a customer does not pay back ETT organization?

A customer who does not pay ETT at the end of the agreed deferral period will be subject to legal action for debt recovery. You, on the other hand, will be charged a small penalty, as a risk sharing, on the amount of the sale.

What happens if the customer pays late, after the deferal time?

If the customer justifies the delay with reliable evidence, ETT will charge a small penalty based on the days of delay. If the customer does not provide a valid explanation for his delay in payment, then the Commercial Credit Line accorded to you for him/her will be cancelled.

What happens if I don't use the platform for a long time?

ETT has granted you 12 months of operation giving you the opportunity to defer payment on purchases and immediately collect cash on sales, all without fixed costs. That said, we are keen on having active companies that give value to the platform.
ETT therefore reserves the right to cancel your registration should you remain completely inactive for over 4 months.

Does ETT also help me find new customers in my country and around the world?

Absolutely yes!
ETT has an exclusive agreement with EUREKA MARKET Marketplace, where companies can offer their products and sell them all over the world through their own organization of sales agents.
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A brief history on the origins
of ET Trade Tech®

In 1997 Indiconsult Management is founded, a Swiss company that specializes in asset management and the creation of investment vehicles, operating globally in partnership with international funds and banks. The organization decided to expand its business to become a Commercial Global Player with strong international relationships established with major investment funds: ET Trade Tech is born, a new platform that enables companies from any industry to access international trade supported by easy payment.


ET Trade Tech is a commecial  service managed by:


Administration and assistance to international operations:

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